Spanbild offers a diverse range of products, designed to meet the demands of the local environment.

Each building process and material option provides a unique range of engineering properties, from structural strength to lightweight durability. This enables Spanbild customers to select the right product for their needs – from a family home, to a large-scale commercial building.

Our established partnerships also ensure reliability and consistency of supply. From the selection of locally manufactured steel, and renewable and sustainably grown New Zealand timber, to the distribution of products through local franchisees and hardware suppliers, we are proud to invest in the local economies in which we operate.

This commitment to local resources, combined with the experience of quality supply chain partners and the expertise of our own construction and manufacturing teams, ensures we are the leading choice for customers wanting to buy local without compromising quality.

Each building is predominantly manufactured on-site, with steel cladding, roofing and structural component s pre-formed, and timber pre-cut to precise design specifications.

  • Spanbild’s range of timber-framed houses, garages, farm buildings
    and studios are delivered primarily through the Versatile retail network.

    A market leader in home-building for over 40 years, the company has recently introduced
    a new range of architecturally driven two, three and four bedroom family homes. With a range
    of customisable options, these quality, timber framed products offer versatility, strength and durability.

    Timber framed homes have also formed the basis of a number of highly-successful public projects, delivered in extremely short time frames for New Zealand’s Ministry of Business, Innovation and Enterprise.

    The company also offers a range of timber-framed, steel clad garages, studio workshops and sleep-outs. The company’s timber products also include a number of farm building designs,
    from gable-roofed buildings to lean-to sheds, available in kitset or as a fully constructed option.

  • Spanbild’s innovative steel framing design, using quality
    New Zealand steel, provides strength, durability and engineering flexibility for a range of farm and commercial buildings, garages
    and even heritage barn-style homes.

    Retailed through the Totalspan network, the distinctive open span structure of Spanbild’s
    steel buildings provides real versatility for any project. Standard buildings can be customized – from three metres to over 24 metres wide and any length, with a wide range of engineering features to choose from.

    Spanbild’s steel framed designs have also formed the basis of a number of unique projects –
    from state of the art laboratories to large scale dairy milking sheds.

    Roll formed in Spanbild’s manufacturing facility, high quality, durable steel also forms the
    basis of a variety of cladding, roofing and component elements throughout the Spanbild range.

  • The Spanbild networks have broad experience using panel 
products as components in a wide range of building solutions. Whether part of a design brief, or a finished building made entirely from panel solutions, 
our supply chain is extensive, allowing us to work alongside the industry leaders in the 
design and development of panel components. Key supply partners we have well-established 
relationships with include: LONG PANEL Colorsteel clad EPS (high density expanded polystyrene) panels – used extensively by our Portabuild business unit. CONQUEROR PIR (polyisocyanurate) insulation and structural panel – used as both a structural component and as a lining, as well as in environments which are fire-rating controlled. KINGSPAN Double-lined Colorsteel clad PIR panel range – used extensively in structural designs, including both walls and roofs, offering design flexibility and cost effective multi-product design solutions.
  • Concision brings large-scale panelised production into the
    New Zealand construction market.

    The walls, floors and roof panels of each building are constructed complete with insulation, cabling, plumbing and plastering at a purpose-built factory in Christchurch – the first
    large-scale panelised building production facility in New Zealand. The components of
    the building are then delivered on-site and assembled.

    Leading German technology and automated precision engineering enables a much higher
    degree of accuracy and quality of build, with no discernable difference in look or function
    to a modern New Zealand home or commercial building.

    Panelised buildings can be constructed to fit a range of requirements and specifications –
    from two-bedroom homes and purpose-built classrooms, to architecturally designed homes
    and commercial buildings – and are built to fit the New Zealand environment and lifestyle.

    Concision brings large-scale panelised production into the New Zealand construction market.
  • Portabuild sells and leases a range of pre-constructed portable
    buildings throughout New Zealand, with branches in both
    Christchurch and Auckland.

    Constructed from materials that are lightweight, yet strong and hard-wearing, these
    buildings are purpose-built for an enormous variety of situations, including building and construction sites, temporary offices, classrooms, rural or sporting events, seasonal worker accommodation and sleepouts.

    We design, build and supply quality portable buildings to your needs and can customise them
    to your specific requirements.

    Portabuild’s relocatable buildings are the best solution where speed, budget and limited or temporarily-unavailable space are an issue. Our buildings are cost-effective and comply with
    all the necessary council permits.

    Portabuild sells and leases a range of pre-constructed portable buildings throughout New Zealand, with branches in both 
Christchurch and Auckl
    Relocatable buildings


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