At Spanbild, we only build what we manufacture. This enables us to maintain consistency in the quality control and production of each building and ensure our own products continue to be manufactured to the highest standards.

Each building is predominantly manufactured on-site, with steel cladding, roofing and structural components pre-formed, and timber pre-cut to precise design specifications. This process provides a ready-to-build pack that enables Spanbild to rigorously control quality, while giving customers the flexibility to build themselves or use the expert construction services provided by local franchise teams.

Spanbild’s Christchurch and Tauranga based plants operate to the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

Our commitment to employing sustainable practices and the use of environmentally friendly materials underscores the company’s focus on setting high standards of both production and corporate responsibility.

With a strong focus on employee wellbeing, Spanbild promotes a robust health and safety culture that has seen us achieve ACC tertiary status. The company continually evaluates systems and protocols that drive superior performance in these areas.

Built for life.
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